Tantramassage: Decluttering, Recluttering & Beyond – A TWAPOS experience (Gastbeitrag auf luhmendarc.com)

reflections on an extraordinary tantra-massage retreat.

so, here i am now: lying naked in the sun under an apple tree by the pool. thinking about sex & revolution. all i hear is the wind in the trees & birdsong, occasionally some donkey or peacock announce their existence. & there comes the happy puppy, enthusiastically biting me in the nipple – again. this is much nicer than i thought.

i got invited to this „Tantramassage Retreat“– that kind of thing i thought i would never participate in. it seems bizarre & entirely inappropriate to me to just hop on an airplane in order to become a tourist in another country, then drive in a car for hours to get to a remote place where other people work for my comfort, then swim in a pool & shower 3 times a day on average, … all for the purpose of practicing forms of advanced sexuality & enjoy myself.

don ́t get me wrong: i highly value beauty, relaxation & well-being. it ́s my job. you might even consider me a sophisticated hedonist or even a pleasure activist. but i cannot help but question this kind of activity.

also, i ́m all but comfortable staying in somewhat random places with somewhat random people, being told when to do what for several days.

& that ́s exactly why i went, with all the ambivalence, criticism & discomfort.

i went because this is the only tantramassage teaching event i know of that questions the very thing it is doing while doing it, along with the respective mindsets & attitudes. i went because i finally get to discuss with like-minded people some things i really care about, namely:

why, from a certain perspective, this is all bullshit – a symptom (or a product) of an ignorant, naive, narcissistic culture of the self. the sense of self which our whole corrupt society is based on & which capitalism & consumer culture are happily & extensively feeding on. how it is born out of a century-long process of spiritual stultification & stupefying hedonism.

& why, at the same time, it is wonderful & sublime. perhaps even subversive & revolutionary.

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